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"Order on Hold" - How long will this take?

Last Updated: Jan 13, 2019 09:28AM PST
If you have recently placed a new purchase, and saw "The purchase order has been put on hold for further processing", and wondered what this meant or how long that will take? This can mean a few things. Keep in mind thousands of orders are placed every day, and there is a small chance an order gets put on hold.

Why Did it Happen?
  • Credit Card - Due to strict fraud prevention services, some credit card orders are put into queue to be manually processed by a human. Its a rare occurrence, but happens.
  • PayPal - If you used PayPal, there is an extremely rare chance that PayPal did not release funds immediately. Orders that fall into this clause, sit and wait* for payment to arrive from PayPal.
  • Game Not Ready - Due to high volume or demand, some games simply run out of registration codes before the publisher can supply more**! However rest assured, all purchases will receive their codes and be completed.
  • Pre-Order - You purchased a game that is for pre-order. These are normal, and always put on hold until the game is released.

How Long Then?
  • All orders are processed within hours (usually quicker). [holiday season can increase this due to load and increased fraud activity]
  • All delayed orders will have an email sent to you when completed.
  • The WinGameStore 'My Games' area will show you when a game is ready to install.

* Orders that do not receive payment within 24 hours get deleted.
** Only a small subset of games are managed this way.
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