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WinGameStore Rewards Program FAQ

Last Updated: Nov 08, 2014 06:24AM PST

When did the WinGameStore Rewards Program start?

It was made officially live with MacGameStore to the public and began granting points on July 8th, 2013! It subsequently went live on WinGameStore opening day November 1st 2014.

I bought a game before the program started granting points, do I get points for it?

Not if the order was fulfilled before July 8th, 2013. The program was not active and taking points for fulfilled purchases before that time. If you still have any unfulfilled Pre-Order(s) waiting, you will receive points when the game releases!

Do my points I got on MacGameStore carry over to WinGameStore?

Absolutely! Your account is the same on both stores, and anything you buy or do on one store, is available on the other. Including points, and reward cash!

How do I get points?

Please look to the points chart within the Rewards Program Terms & Conditions.

Do points expire?

No. They accumulate over time as you do activities, and redeem into Game Cash rewards when you reach enough points (see "Reward Setting").

Do rewards expire?

Yes. If you do not use your account for over six months, any unused Game Cash rewards in your Wallet will expire.

Can I give my points to another member? Or gift them?

No. Points you gain, are for your account only.

Can I buy more points?

When you purchase a game, you are effectively buying more points.

When do points move from "Pending" to "Earned"?

As you do activities, you receive pending points. All points are then earned at a specific date after. You can find out when points will be earned by clicking on the "View Activity" button in your account. The column of "Available On" will show you which day they will become earned.

I have enough points for a reward, when are rewards issued?

Every night Game Cash rewards are issued to accounts who have enough points to meet or exceed the "Reward Setting" set for the account. You will also receive an email when this happens.

I returned a game purchase, why did I lose points?

Points are granted for purchases you keep. If you return a game, you are also returning any points you may have been granted for that purchase.

I made a Pre-Order but don't see the points in pending?

Points are granted when an order is fulfilled. Pre-Orders (and also Back Orders) are reservations placed ahead of fulfillment. When those orders are fulfilled, you will see the points added to your account.

What are these "Bonus Points" I see sometimes on game details?

Normally when you purchase a game, you get points based off the price of the game and your membership tier. Bonus points apply above and beyond what you would normally get for the purchase! If the bonus has an "x" (like "x2" or "x3"), points you would normally get will be multipled (a $9.99 game may give you +10 points, but a bonus of "x2" would grant you +20!). If the bonus has a "+" (like "+10" or "+20"), it means a flat amount of points will be added to what you would normally gain.

If I pre-order a game that has bonus points, but then later the game does not show it has bonus points, do I still get the bonus?

Yes, you do get those bonus points when the order is fulfilled later, as you placed the order when those bonus points were offered.

If I pre-order a game that did not offer bonus points at that moment, but then later the game does, do I get the bonus?

No, as you placed the order when the game did not have any bonus points offered.

What does "estimated" mean on my receipt email points?

You placed a pre-order, or delayed order. The points are estimated as they have not yet been granted until the order is fulfilled. Certain conditions may change from the date you placed the order, until fulfillment, that could alter the points gained (extremely rare).

I referred my friend, and he/she signed up, but I did not get credit?

Your friend must also start their own Rewards Program before you will get credit. To start the program, they must make their very first game purchase.

My friend already signed up before I could refer them, can I get credit?

Sorry, no. They are already a member of the Mac/WinGameStore. Referrals work for new member sign ups only.

I referred my friend, but they didn't follow directions using the referral code when they signed up. How can we fix this?

If you refer a friend, please make them aware to follow the directions from the referral email they receive.

I tried to refer a friend, but they never got the email?

Insure you typed in the right email address. Also ask your friend to check their spam folders. You may send another referral request to your friend using the refer a friend form.

I tried to refer a friend, but typed in the wrong email. How do I fix this?

Use the refer a friend form again, but this time input the correct email. To revoke the invalid referral, open up the referral history view in your account, and click the little trash can icon next to the invalid email entry.

How do I reach "Gold" membership?

To reach Gold tier membership, you must spend at least $250 USD on the store in the calendar year.

How long does "Gold" membership last?

Gold tier membership is valid for the remainder of the year you qualify, and 12 months following. This allows you the next calendar year to maintain the higher membership tier.

Is there a tier above "Gold"?

Maybe! Over time, more features and levels will be added to the WinGameStore Rewards Program!
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